Personal Learning Network

A personal learning network or PLN is a group of resources that is collected by a learner to pull from when a question comes up. For me this is one way to keep information out of my head. Over the years I have “collected” people that are better then me or can teach me in areas that I find myself lacking or weak in. For example if I have a need for school politics, and they come up more often then not, than I will go to my partner teacher Mrs. Erwin. She will read my emails before I send them or allow me to talk political situations through as she is better in this area then me. Over the past several days my PLN has grown, especially in the area of technology. Following is an image and a link to my Google Drawing of my personal learning network.

PLN screenchot


To Download: Quickfire-PLN Visualization

I have visualized my PLN as the most important ways I network in the center moving out the the items that I use less, however still important. I have included people, applications, organizations and websites. All of these are tools that I keep in my PLN to get through the day, week, month and year. They all help me improve my teaching and connection with others.


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