The Power of One… One Ripple

Thomas Friedman in his article, “It’s the P.Q. and C.Q. a Much as the I.Q.” asks the question, “How can we adapt?” He talks about the world and it’s speed of change. To explain he mentions a book he wrote in 2004 “called “The World Is Flat,” about how the world was getting digitally connected so more people could compete, connect and collaborate from anywhere. When I wrote that book, Facebook, Twitter, cloud computing, LinkedIn, 4G wireless, ultra-high-speed bandwidth, big data, Skype, system-on-a-chip (SOC) circuits, iPhones, iPods, iPads and cellphone apps didn’t exist, or were in their infancy” (2013).  At the end of the article he wonders if I.Q. should be the only thing we measure today to get things done or should we also measure P.Q and C.Q. Passion and Curiosity Quotient.

I was given a challenge, partly by my professors and partly by me, to make a visual statement of my passion and curiosity. From my professors I need to (a) represent how I bring Passion and Curiosity to my work as an educator (b) show how you use technology to instill passion and curiosity in my students and (c) illustrate that I am reflecting on MAETy1 (the program I am currently in). The challenge to myself was to try to incorporate as little words as possible and to keep in around one minute in length.

When I was in high school I watched a film called, “The Power of One,” about a young white, man who was fighting against apartheid in South Africa. This film had such an influence on me and my life since than that I often mention ‘the power of one’ and how one person, one moment, one click, one kiss, one… can change a life forever. I want to be this ‘power of one’ with my students, one teacher, one lesson, one activity that changes their life.

In believing in the ‘power of one’ I came across Nerium’s, a direct sales company, movement The Ripple Effect. Ripples begin with one drop of a pebble in the water and can’t help but fight its way out from where it began. They cross the waters touching everything in its path until it hits the waters edge. The Ripple Effect has a slogan “Individually Taking Responsibility, Collectively Changing the World.” As an educator I take responsibility for my teaching practice and what goes into my classroom and students minds as well as their parents, friends and families minds. It is my hope that they leave my classroom and take with them skills to change the world, rippling across the world until the waters edge. How are you a ‘power of one’ and what does your ripple touch?


Friedman, T. (2013, January 29). It’s the P.Q. and C.Q. as much as the I.Q. The New York Times. Retrieved from


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