This Spartan…

This Spartan Did…

…become an adventure hacker.

Spartan Did- Adventure white

…become a mindhacker.

Spartan Did- Mind

…become a Special Education hacker.

spartan did- sped hacker (1)

This Spartan is…

…the Ripple Effect in her community.


I am the ripple effect for the learners in my school, my district and my community. I am a leader. I am a collaborator. I am looking at the world with an open mind and seeing everyday objects in new ways. I am a creator and an innovator. At first is it difficult to see the effect and objects that I want to see differently but as I begin to embody this new way of thinking the phenomenon grows and I can’t stop it, I just let it flow.

In a ripple effect, ripples flow across the surface growing larger in diameter and height as it moves outward. The ripple effect of MSU, MAET and it’s professors, my peers & colleagues has touched me and I have began to create my own ripple effect.

This Spartan Will…


Ripples of water video remixed from:


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