Discipline & Adventure

2015 to 2016It’s the beginning of a new year. 2016! And I can’t help but stop and think about 2015 and all of the fun, fear, amazingness and growth that came from this past year. But the past is in the past and as I looked forward to 2016 I was listening to a travel podcast that I love, ZerotoTravel.com. The creator, Jason, in his last podcast of 2015 entitled; Travelosophy: The George Costanza Approach to Reaching Your Travel Goals,  spoke about a specific episode of Seinfeld where George Costanza, who apparently always made wrong or bad life decisions, was told by Jerry to make the opposite decision of what he thought he should do. If George’s way was wrong or bad decision making then the opposite must be true, right?! So for the rest of the episode George made the opposite decision of his initial thoughts and life was better, for that one episode 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 7.30.06 AMJason took a twist on this and he drew out a theme from the episode, Opposite. George was hard and true to his theme of Opposite throughout the entire episode. Jason asked us, his listeners, to think of a theme that we might have for 2016 to help us throughout the year.  He suggested that we keep a theme for at least 6 months. He even mentioned having themes for personal and professional life. I took this and went with it…

I have chosen two themes for my year – Discipline & Adventure.

imgresDiscipline: I am going to have discipline in health & finances. I will continue with working out at home, in the gym and with a personal trainer. I will make better choices when eating. I will save more money by eating homemade meals  (also helps my healthy life). Putting money into a seperate savings account, creating and using a budget. I have already cancelled $200 worth of monthly subscriptions. And, although I am a very busy person, I will only use money earned above and beyond my salaried paycheck to “play.”

AImage result for geocache clipartdventure: Although some people around me may say that I am an adventurous person I would like to have MORE adventures. Camping, travel, geocaching, shooting, and others that I don’t know exist yet. I would like to try new things, foods, dancing, and meet new people. I’d like to say “yes.” This is very scary for me, I love nothing more that being comfortable. This year I want to be taken out of my comfort zone.

How? I am going to ask myself when confronted with eating, spending, meeting, doing, etc. Will this allow for discipline and/or adventure in my life right now? If this answer is yes then I get to do it. If the answer is no then if goes on the list for another time.

What will your 2016 theme be?


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