Adventure Hacker

2016 Adventures

Jan. 2, 2016- Micro Adventure- Shooting in the snow. It was very cold.


Jan 1, 2016-Micro Adventure: going to the snow with my sister’s family-  I have very fond memories as a child heading from our town of Tulare, CA towards Strawberry, CA on January 1 of every year with my Uncle Bob and his family. My father (who is no longer alive) and Uncle Bob would hop onto a sleigh, small child in the middle and yell, “Go! Go! Go! Go!” all the way down the hill. There was no yelling of go go go this time but lots of screams, bumps and laughter.

12419008_10207021149879614_4272500777909146099_o 12402003_10207021149239598_5208998866925560646_o 12471793_10207021150159621_8569667134069868358_o




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