CUE screenshotCUE: Computer Using Educators is an organization that I belong to for educators to learn more about technology. They hold local workshops and conferences. They also have an annual conference every year in Palm Springs, CA. This organization has grown rapidly over the past year due to the Common Core State Standards and technology wanting to be taught in the classrooms. CUE has online learning, a blog, articles and a magazine to help educators on their path to teaching with technology. This is a place that I go to when I want to implement something new into my class, the CUE magazine has really great articles on apps and how to apply them in the classroom.


BIE screenshotBIE: Buck Institute for Education is a non-profit organization that helps teachers learn how to create project based learning (PBL) in their classrooms. The website has a wonderful resources page which I use often. At first I used it to understand PBL, what it really is and why use it. Then I used it to find lessons and create my own lessons. There is a list of blogs, books, videos, and projects themselves. BIE also holds classes at a Napa Valley, CA conference that will prepare and train a teacher for PBL.

TASH: Equal, Opportunity and Inclusion for People with Significant Disabilities: TASH advocates for full inclusion of students with disabilities within the general education setting as well as in relationships, membership of communities and participating in all activities. They support diversity in the classroom and in the community. This is a great organization for conferences on a large scale and smaller for states only. TASH is a conference I’d like to talk at one day helping my students advocate for themselves.

Creative Commons: Creative Commons is a web search site that allows for the expansion of creative works legally and to be sharable. The Creative Commons Search is one place where you can go to search creative commons, video, images, pictures, graphic art and music.


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