Social Networks


facebook screenshottwitterFacebook & Twitter: These are social networking or relations tools that are web-based. They allow for the for people with like interests, backgrounds, activities and real-life connections to join together and share, learn and teach each other. The user can build a profile, place pictures, tell and retell stories add links and share information. Affordances as a teacher and professional are that they allows for me to stay connected to other SPED teachers, and organizations that way I am up to date on all that is happening in their specific area. As a professional they allows for me to follow, people that I have met, come in intact with speakers that I’ve seen at a conference or workshop. Twitter has hashtags (#) that when placed in front of a specific word you can filter through the millions of “tweets” to only see what people with that hashtag are tweeting about. With Twitter on thing that I really like about it is that as a teacher I can have all of my students follow me and I don’t have to follow them back allowing me to be able to send out or tweet assignments and reminders for class. Constraints are that with Facebook if I want to follow someone they have to follow me too which means that they have access to all of my personal information too. In Twitter we are only given 144 characters to say what we need to say. Which is actually an affordance too. Also sometime on both Facebook and Twitter there is just a wealth of information, posts, tweets being placed on there that something that is extremely important can get pushed down to the bottom and may possibly not been seen.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 7.38.43 AMThe Daring Librarian: Gwyneth Jones is The Daring Librarian, defender of books, libraries and lifelong learning. I have seen Gwyneth speak at a conference and she is a wonderful character to watch, listen to and learn from. She has an informative website for her students specifically but for the world as well. Affordances are that she teaches middles school students in a way that everyone should teach their students, fun, enthusiastic and infectious. It is from the Daring Librarian that I learned about QR codes and the many ways to use them in the classroom and also comic strips. Kiddos are just more apt to follow the directions when a superhero is telling them what to do. And get this all of the information and pages of downloads are free. She shares them with everyone. If I had to give a constraint, which I really don’t want to, I would say that her site is crazy full of information, like sensory overload full.


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